(a)   An application for a permit referred to in Section 1462.03 shall be filed with the Village Clerk and shall include the following information:
      (1)   Identification and addresses of the applicant and all persons to be directly or indirectly interested in the permit if granted;
      (2)   Description and location of the property on which the work is proposed;
      (3)   The exact nature of the proposed excavation and soil to be removed or dumped and an estimate of the approximate number of cubic yards to be removed or dumped;
      (4)   A statement of the manner in which it is proposed to dump or excavate and remove the soil or other materials, including the slope of the sides and the level of the floor, and the kind of equipment proposed to be employed in making such excavation and removing such material;
      (5)   The proposed route which the applicant proposes to use over the public streets and over private property to transport such materials;
      (6)   When the excavation or dumping will commence after the granting of the permit and when will it be completed;
      (7)   Such further information as the Building Official may require; and
      (8)   An application fee as determined by Village Council resolution.
   (b)   After review of the application, the Building Official will determine whether a permit is required for the work. If a permit is required, the applicant will be advised and the following additional information must be submitted:
      (1)   Plans prepared by a registered civil engineer, land surveyor, registered architect or registered landscaper;
      (2)   The applicant shall file with the Village Clerk a topographic map of the property on which the proposed work is to be done, covering an area having a radius of 300 feet, as far as may be possible, from the exterior boundary of the proposed site; and
      (3)   A permit fee in an amount determined by Village Council resolution. Applicants are also responsible for any consultant fees incurred by the Village for the review of the application and permit.
(Ord. 104. Passed 11-29-69; Ord. 2014-01.  Passed 2-10-14.)