A sign permit shall not be required for the following signs, which shall be permitted subject to applicable provisions herein:
   (a)   Address Numbers. Address numbers with a numeral height of no greater than twelve (12) inches for residences and businesses.
   (b)   Nameplate Signs. Nameplates identifying the occupants of the building, not to exceed two (2) square feet.
   (c)   Regulatory Signs.
   (d)   Signs for the Public Health, Safety and Welfare. Signs deemed necessary for the public health, safety and welfare by the Village Council.
   (e)   Vehicle Signs. The primary use of the vehicle displaying the sign shall not be for the purposes of promoting a commercial or non-commercial entity on the premises where the vehicle is parked.
   (f)   Flags. Flags, subject to the following conditions:
      (1)   Location. Flags and flagpoles shall not be located within any right-of-way.
      (2)   Heights. Flag poles shall have a maximum height of thirty (30) feet.
      (3)   Number. No more than two (2) flags per lot in residential districts, no more than three (3) flags per lot in all other districts.
      (4)   Size. Maximum flag size is twenty-four (24) square feet in residential districts, thirty-five (35) square feet in all other districts.
      (5)   Commercial Messages. Flags containing commercial messages may be used as permitted freestanding or projecting signs, and, if so used, the area of the flag shall be included in, and limited by the computation of allowable area for, signs on the property.
      (6)   Noncommercial Messages. Flags up to three (3) square feet in area containing noncommercial messages are considered personal expression signs and are regulated in accordance with Section 1474.10 (g).
   (g)   Personal Expression Signs. Personal expression signs shall not:
      (1)   Exceed three (3) square feet in area per side;
      (2)   Contain messages that are commercial in nature;
      (3)   Be illuminated.
   (h)   Incidental Signs. Incidental signs of any sign type of a commercial nature, not exceeding a sum total of two (2) square feet in area and directed only at persons on the premises.
   (i)   Interior Signs.
   (j)   Historic Markers. A maximum of one (1) historic marker, in the form of a wall plaque or ground sign, is permitted to designate a building as a historic structure, or to designate historic property, subject to Historic District Commission approval.
   (k)   Directional Signs. Directional signs:
      (1)   Shall not exceed four (4) square feet in area or four (4) feet in height.
      (2)   May be located in the front setback area, provided they are set back at least ten (10) feet from the road right-of-way.
      (3)   When located in the Historic District, directional signs must also receive approval from the HDC.
         (Ord. 2008-06.  Passed 7-14-08; Ord. 2012-08.  Passed 12-10-12; Ord. 2019-01.  Passed 1-14-19.)