(a)   Permits. It shall be unlawful for any person to erect, alter, relocate, or structurally change a sign, unless specifically exempted by this chapter, without first obtaining a permit in accordance with the provisions set forth herein. A permit shall require payment of a fee, which shall be established by the Village Council.
   (b)   Application. An application for a sign permit shall be made upon forms provided by the Building Department and shall contain or have attached thereto the following information:
      (1)   The name, address and telephone number of the applicant.
      (2)   The location of the building, structure, or lot on which the sign is to be attached or erected.
      (3)   The position of the sign in relation to nearby buildings, structures, and property lines.
      (4)   Two (2) copies of plans showing the dimensions, materials, methods of construction, and attachment to the building, structure or ground.
      (5)   The name, address and telephone number of the person, firm, corporation or association erecting the sign.
      (6)   Information concerning required electrical connections.
      (7)   Written consent of the owner or lessee of the premises upon which the sign is to be erected.
      (8)   A site plan containing a schematic illustration of the sign drawn to scale showing the proposed location in relation to the building.
      (9)   Other information required by the Building Official to make the determination that the sign is in compliance with all applicable ordinances and regulations.
      (10)   For temporary signs, an application shall contain the proposed location of the sign(s), type of sign(s) and duration.
   (c)   Review of Applications.
      (1)   Building Official Review. After receipt of an application and permit fee, the Building Official shall review said application to determine compliance with the Village Code.
      (2)   Historic District Commission Review.
         A.   All signs located in the Historic District of the Village of Franklin shall require the approval of the HDC. Prior to granting approval of a sign application, the HDC shall consider, among other things:
            1.   The effect the sign will have on the aesthetic value of the building or property upon which the sign is to be erected; and
            2.   The relationship of the design of the sign to the exterior architectural features of the structure upon which the sign is to be erected.
         B.   If the approval of the Historic District Commission ("the HDC") is required, then approval by the Building Official shall be subject to HDC approval, and the Building Official shall refer the sign to the HDC for its review.
         C.   HDC approval shall not be required for those signs deemed necessary for the public health, safety or welfare by the Village Council or for those temporary signs erected under the provisions of Section 1474.12.
      (3)   Village Council Review. One temporary sign per event, not to exceed twelve (12) square feet per side and located on the applicant's property shall not require Village Council approval; however, a permit is required.
      (4)   Issuance of a Permit. Following review and approval of a sign application by both the Historic District Commission (where applicable) the Village Council (where applicable) and the Building Official, the Building Official shall have the authority to issue a sign permit.
      (5)   Validity of Permits. Sign permits issued hereunder shall be valid for a period of six (6) months from the date of issuance. If the work authorized under the permit to construct a sign has not been completed within six (6) months after the date of issuance, then the permit shall become null and void. However, upon payment of a fee established by Village Council resolution for an extended permit, the period of time to construct the sign shall be extended for one (1) additional six (6) month period.
   (d)   Performance Bonds. The Building Official may, to insure strict compliance with any regulation contained herein or required as a condition of the issuance of a permit, require the permittee to furnish a performance or surety bond, or cash bond at the discretion of the Building Official, executed by a reputable surety company authorized to do business in the State of Michigan in an amount determined by the Building Official to be reasonably necessary to insure compliance hereunder.
   (e)   Exception. A sign shall not be enlarged or relocated except in conformity with the provisions set forth in this chapter for new signs, nor until a proper permit has been secured. However, a new permit shall not be required for ordinary servicing or repainting of an existing sign message, cleaning of a sign, or changing of the message on the sign where the sign is designed for such changes (such as numbers on a gasoline price sign). Furthermore, a permit shall not be required for certain exempt signs listed in Section 1474.10 .
(Ord. 2008-06.  Passed 7-14-08; Ord. 2012-08.  Passed 12-10-12; Ord. 2019-01.  Passed 1-14- 19.)