(a)   Any person to whom a permit is issued shall comply with the following:
      (1)   All vehicles transporting soil or other materials to or from an excavation, over the public streets of the Village, shall travel only directly over such route as may be directed by the Village to be least dangerous to public safety, cause the least interference with general traffic and cause the least damage to the public streets.
      (2)   The depth or area of any such excavation shall not exceed the depth or area set forth in the application provided for in Section 1462.04.
      (3)   Any soil or other material that may be deposited on any public street or place from any vehicle transporting such materials to or from any excavation or fill shall be immediately removed in a manner satisfactory to the Village at the expense of the person to whom the permit to excavate was issued. All roads used for the purpose of ingress and egress to the excavation or fill site, which are located within 300 feet of occupied residences, shall be kept free of dust and mud.
      (4)   The commercial removal of soil is specifically prohibited in the Village of Franklin.
   (b)   The Village shall require such other permit conditions where, because of peculiar conditions, it deems such standards necessary for the protection of health, safety, and the preservation of natural resources and the well-being of the citizens of the Village of Franklin.
(Ord. 104. Passed 11-29-69; Ord. 2014-01.  Passed 2-10-14.)