1042.01   PURPOSE.
   (a)   It is the purpose of this chapter to protect public health and safety by abating and preventing pollution through the regulation and control of the disposal of sewage and the quantity and quality of wastes admitted to be discharged into the waste water collection and treatment system of the Village of Franklin, the Oakland County Department of Public Works and the City of Detroit.
   (b)   It is the further purpose of this chapter to enable the Village of Franklin and the governmental authorities with which it has contracted to provide a public sewage disposal system for properties within the Village of Franklin, to comply with the requirements of applicable State and Federal laws, including the Federal Water Pollution Control Act of 1972, as amended; the State of Michigan Act 245 of the Public Acts of 1929, as amended; the Federal District Court Consent Judgment and Settlement Agreement, United States District Court, Eastern District of Michigan, Southern Division, C.A. No. 77-1100; the applicable rules and regulations pertaining to said Acts; and the requirements of applicable National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System permits.
   (c)   The objectives of this section are:
      (1)   To prevent the introduction of pollutants into the waste water system which will interfere with the operation of the system or contaminate the resulting sludge, or will pose a hazard to the health or welfare of the people or of employees of the City of Detroit Water and Sewerage Department;
      (2)   To prevent the introduction of pollutants into the waste water system which will pass inadequately treated through the system into receiving waters, the atmosphere or the environment, or otherwise be incompatible with the system;
      (3)   To improve the opportunity to recycle or reclaim waste water or sludge from the system in an economical and advantageous manner; and
      (4)   To provide for the recovery of the costs from users of the waste water collection and treatment system sufficient to administer regulatory activities and meet the costs of the operation, maintenance, improvement or replacement of the system.
   (d)   This section provides for the regulation of contributors to the Detroit and Village waste water collection and treatment system through the issuance of waste water discharge permits to certain users and through the enforcement of general requirements for all users, authorizes monitoring and enforcement, and authorizes fees and penalties.
(Ord. 179.  Passed 8-17-92; Ord. 2001-08.  Passed 12-10-01.)