(a)   The Enforcement Official shall inspect each on-site septic system within the Village.
   (b)   Council shall cause a form of easement to be prepared which shall be required as a condition precedent for:
      (1)   Each property owner who shall receive any grant funds or other services of any type or nature whatsoever from the Waste Water Management District;
      (2)   Any and all building permits within the Village, including site plan approvals, lot splits, or such other permits or decisions as may be incidental to any of the ordinances or regulatory powers of Council;
      (3)   Any operating permit under this chapter.
   (c)   The Enforcement Official, upon direction of Council, shall be fully empowered to obtain such administrative or judicial orders as may be deemed appropriate and necessary to carry out any inspections, tests, measurements or other determinations regarding any system which said Enforcement Official has reasonable grounds to believe is leaking, malfunctioning, overloaded, plugged or otherwise posing a threat to public health, safety and welfare.
(Ord. 98-44.  Passed 3-16-98.)