Council, on behalf of the Waste Water Management District, shall designate an Enforcement Official who shall be responsible for overseeing all inspections, permits and other day-to-day functions to be carried out under the terms of this chapter. The duties and functions of said Enforcement Official shall be as determined from time to time by the Governing Body and shall include:
   (a)   Notification of Council of all on-site septic operating permits and pump-out records along with any Oakland County Health Division permits regarding installation, alteration, repair or construction of any on-site septic systems.
   (b)   Monitoring/testing of surface waters in the Village for evidence of pollution.
   (c)   Monitoring/testing of on-site septic systems as provided in Section 1040.18.
   (d)   Provide guidance and counseling to all other employees, officers or other persons in connection with carrying out the purpose of this chapter and acting as liaison between the Village and the Oakland County Health Division.
(Ord. 99-97.  Passed 11-15-99.)