(A)   Wherever the locations of streets are indicated on the official thoroughfare plan as following existing roads or streets, or section or half-section lines, or other established property lines, they shall conform to such locations.  However, streets lying wholly within a subdivision, and not designated as following an existing road or a section line, may be varied in their alignment where the variance promotes the plan of a neighborhood development and provides for the continuity of traffic movement.
   (B)   Streets which follow irregular alignment, or indicate revised alignments, or are not referenced to established lines, shall follow in a general manner the alignment shown on the official thoroughfare plan.  Their alignment shall be subject to detailed surveys which may be made by the city, the City Plan Commission, or by other public agencies, or by the owners of land to be subdivided. The surveys shall be subject to the approval of the City Plan Commission prior to the acquisition of land or the filing of subdivision plans affecting the streets.
(Ord. CO-67-4, passed 2-21-67)  Penalty, see § 10.99