(A)   No building, vehicle, structure, receptacle, yard, lot, premises or part thereof shall be made, used, kept, maintained or operated in the village if such use, keeping, maintaining or operating shall be dangerous or detrimental to health.
   (B)   No substance, matter or thing of any kind whatever, which shall be dangerous or detrimental to health, shall be allowed to exist in connection with any business, or be used therein, or be used in any work or labor performed in the village and no nuisance shall be permitted to exist in connection with any business or in connection with any such work or labor. (1940 Code Sec. 10-2)
   (C)   Except for properties located in residentially zoned areas, whenever the village determines that presence of garbage, waste materials, construction debris, trash or other items disposed on vacant property may interfere with the public health, safety and welfare, the village shall require the owner thereof to erect a six foot (6') high fence constructed of chainlink or similarly suitable material around the entire perimeter of the vacant lot or so much thereof as is necessary to prevent the continued dumping or depositing of such waste materials thereon. It shall be unlawful for an owner of such vacant lot to fail to enclose his property as required herein for more than thirty (30) days after notice thereof from the village. The penalty provisions of section 1-4-1 of this code shall apply to violations hereof. In addition, the village may seek appropriate injunctive relief to enforce the requirements of this section. (Ord. 93-4, 3-23-1993)