1-1-1: Official Code
1-1-2: Saving Clause
1-1-3: Ordinances
1-1-4: Constitutionality
The ordinances embraced in these titles, chapters and sections shall constitute, and be designated as, the MUNICIPAL CODE OF THE VILLAGE OF FOREST PARK, ILLINOIS, and may be so cited. (Village Code § 2-1)
All of the provisions of this code shall be in full force and effect from its passage and publication in book form, as provided by statute.
All general ordinances of the village, passed by the village council prior to the effective date of this code are hereby repealed, subject to the saving clauses herein, and except those ordinances which are referred to herein as remaining in full force and effect or are, by necessary implication, herein reserved from repeal. The following ordinances are excluded and are not repealed: tax levy ordinances, appropriation ordinances, ordinances relating to boundaries or annexations; franchise and other ordinances granting special rights to persons or corporations, contract ordinances and ordinances authorizing the execution of a contract or the issuance of warrants; salary ordinances; ordinances establishing, naming or vacating streets, alleys or other public places; improvement ordinances; bond ordinances; ordinances relating to elections; ordinances relating to the transfer or acceptance of real estate by, or from the village; and all special ordinances, nor shall it affect any prosecution, suit or proceeding pending on said date; except that the proceeding thereof shall conform as far as possible to the provisions of this code. (Village Code § 2-2; amd. 2004 Code)
   A.   Passage And Publication: All ordinances passed by the mayor and village council shall be recorded by the village clerk in a proper book or books. The original shall be filed in the office of the village clerk and due proof of publication of all ordinances requiring publication shall be procured by the village clerk, and such proof or affidavit of publication shall be attached to and filed away with said ordinances. The village clerk shall also note in his book of ordinances, at the foot of the record of each ordinance, a memorandum of the date of passage and, if published or posted, the date of the publication or posting of such ordinance. (Village Code § 2-5)
   B.   Effective Date: All ordinances passed by the village council requiring publication shall take effect from and after due publication thereof, unless therein otherwise expressly provided. Ordinances not requiring publication shall take effect from their passage and upon being as signed and attested to, unless otherwise expressly provided. (Village Code § 2-6)
   C.   Repealed Or Modified Ordinances: Wherever any ordinance, or part of any ordinance, shall be repealed or modified by a subsequent ordinance, a part of an ordinance thus repealed or modified shall continue in force until the effective date of the ordinance repealing or modifying the same, but no suit proceeding right, fine, forfeiture or penalty instituted, created, given, secured or accrued under any ordinance previous to its repeal shall in any way be enjoyed and recovered as fully as if such ordinance had continued in force, unless therein otherwise expressly provided. (Village Code § 2-7)
   D.   Revival Of Previous Ordinance: When any ordinance repealing a former ordinance, clause or provision shall be itself repealed, such repeal shall not be construed to revive such former ordinance, clause or provision unless expressly provided therein. (Village Code § 2-8)
If any part or parts, section or subsection, sentence, clause or phrase of this code is, for any reason, declared to be unconstitutional or invalid, such decision shall not affect the validity of the remaining portions of the code. (Village Code § 2-11)