(A)   A statement of charges shall be rendered quarterly in January, April, July and October of each year. A penalty of 3% of the balance of each account remaining unpaid 30 days after the billing date shall be added to the account. Each year at the September meeting of the City Council, the Clerk shall submit a full report of water accounts that are delinquent. The Council shall then determine in each case to authorize the necessary proceedings to collect the same by certifying the delinquent amount and penalty to the County Auditor for collection along with real estate taxes, or by other methods, with costs and interest, as the Council may see fit. The Clerk may authorize discontinuance of water service to any lot or parcel of land for which a statement of charges has not been paid within 30 days after the billing date.
   (B)   It shall be the responsibility of the property owner to pay for all connection charges and water furnished to each property. The property owner shall be billed for water used in any rental units; however, the Clerk may, in his or her discretion, bill the occupant of commercial rental property, if requested to do so. The billing to an occupant shall not, however, relieve the property owner from the obligation of paying charges incurred under this chapter.
   (C)   In order to partially reimburse the city for expenses incurred in connection with certification of delinquent water and sewer accounts to the County Auditor for collection with real estate taxes a charge of $10 for each $100 of delinquency or fraction thereof shall be added to the delinquent accounts at such time as they are certified to the County Auditor. From and after the time the accounts are certified for collection to the County Auditor they shall bear interest at the rate of 8% per annum from the date of the certification to the date of payment.
(Prior Code, §18.02, Subd. 8) (Ord. 469, passed 11-11-1995; Am. Ord. 492, passed 5-24-1999)