§ 51.05 METERS.
   (A)   The supply of water through each separate service must be recorded by 1 meter only. If additional meters are desired for recording the subdivision of the water supply on the premises, they must be furnished and set by the owner or consumer at his or her own expense and he or she must assume all responsibility for maintaining the same. A meter must be installed on all services laid.
   (B)   Meters must be at all times easily accessible so that they may be examined and read by city employees. A 24-inch by 24-inch area shall be provided for the meter location. They must not be exposed to danger from frost or submersion and all damages to the meter by freezing, hot water, or otherwise due to the carelessness or neglect of the owners or occupants of the premises must be paid for by the owner or occupants. The cost of ordinary maintenance and repairs will be borne by the city. In case of breakage, stoppage or other irregularity in the meter, the owner or consumer is to notify the Superintendent immediately. City employees shall at all reasonable times have access to premises for reading meters or inspecting plumbing. Meters shall not be installed in crawl spaces.
   (C)   The city may test the water meter at any time to determine meter accuracy. The meter shall be tested at 3 rates of flow; maximum, intermediate and minimum as defined by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) standard for testing cold water meters, C705-60 or latest revision thereof.
   (D)   The city may replace existing water meters with meter reading systems when deemed advisable to do so. Remote meter reading receptacles shall be located on the exterior front one half of the building as directed by the Superintendent.
(Prior Code, § 18.02, Subd. 6)