(A)   All work done by any person on the pipes, fixtures or appurtenances of the water works system must be done in accordance with the rules and regulations prescribed by law governing the work.
   (B)   No person or plumber, except an authorized city employee, shall turn on or turn off the water supply at any corporation valve at curb or main, nor allow any person in his or her employ to do so, except when expressly authorized by the Superintendent.
   (C)   Two or more services must not be connected together. No connection shall be made at any time between the fire service pipe system and the regular water supply unless the water meter is within 6 feet of the entrance of the sprinkler pipe to the interior of the building. There shall be no connection whereby unsafe water can be drawn into the city water system unless an air gap or an acceptable and approved backflow preventer is provided at the connection point.
   (D)   Services must enter the front of the building whenever possible or practicable. Where there is no basement the meter shall be of the remote reading type, will have provisions made to prevent it from freezing, and shall be paid for as prescribed in these regulations. No meter shall be placed in any location where it will be subject to becoming submersed in water. Where the installations exist, the owner shall be liable to have the meter location changed to a location where it will not be subject to submersion and will be easily accessible for reading and maintenance. Where the meters require replacement or rebuilding because of the submersion, the cost will be paid by the water user or the property owner. If the user or owner refuses to pay the costs, the costs will be added to the water bill for collection in the usual manner and, when delinquent, shall be certified to the County Auditor.
   (E)   Meters and remote meter reading receptacles must be easily accessible at all times so that they may be examined and meter readings obtained by city staff. Meters must not be exposed to danger from frost or contamination. Meters damaged due to freezing shall be repaired or replaced at the expense of the consumer or property owner. Any meter improperly installed shall be relocated at the expense of the property owner.
   (F)   No plumber or other person shall make an attachment to a service connection, nor extend any service connection without prior approval from the city. No lateral pipe branches will be allowed to be connected to the service except on the house side of the meter; service pipes must not be smaller than 5/8" up to the first kitchen sink. Branches for lawn sprinklers must be at least 3/4" in diameter with separate shutoff and drip.
   (G)   All corporation valves on the service or branches underground up to 1" inclusive shall be ball valve and waste cocks with solid core and socket heads of heavy pattern and shall be made of hard brass, red metal. Valves of 2" and larger sizes shall be straightway gate valves. The first valve on the house side of the meter must be provided with a waste for draining.
   (H)   No bibs are allowed to be used. Stop cocks are not allowed to be used as a house shut-off valve on the house side of the meter.
   (I)   Approved backflow preventers must be installed on all connections to steam plants used for the generation of power. A swing back flow preventer of a size not less than the service pipe must be installed near the meter on the house side of the meter on all connections to furnace coils or any other kind of plant for the purposes of heating water for domestic purposes, for heating buildings or dwellings where there is no expansion tank. A brass body compression disc and safety valve of a size not less than 3/4" must also be installed on the service.
   (J)   For violation of any of the foregoing rules relating to plumbers, or for the introduction either voluntary or at the request of any consumer of any pipe or fixture not in compliance herewith, the plumber shall be liable on his or her bond for any damages which the city or any individual may sustain by reason thereof.
(Prior Code, § 18.02, Subd. 5)