(A)   The cost incident to the introduction of water services to any premises shall be a charge against the applicant therefore. The installation is to be done under the supervision of the Superintendent and in accordance with the rules and regulations herein set forth and as may be amended.
   (B)   The city is to furnish the corporation valve, curb cock, curb box, and necessary piping, all completely installed from the main to the curb box, for which a charge will be made according to the schedule hereinafter set forth. Perch connection from the main to the curb box shall remain the property of the city and shall not be operated without authority from the Superintendent. The service connection from the curb box to any premises must be installed by the consumer, owner, or occupant subject to the rules in this section provided. All water meter charges must be paid in full prior to the water turn on by the city and all water meters must be fully installed and operational 30 days after turn on of water service by the city.
   (C)   Excavation for water service connection or repairs shall be done in such a manner as to occasion the least inconvenience to the public. The trench shall be properly guarded at all times and during the night. Warning lights shall be maintained at any excavations lying within the street lines.
   (D)   Refilling the opening after service pipes are laid shall be carefully done. The earth must be laid in layers of not more than 12 inches (1 foot) in depth, each layer compacted to prevent settling. This and the replacing of sidewalks and other public structures must be done so as to leave the street in as good condition as before it was disturbed. Opening the streets or tapping the mains when the ground is frozen may be prohibited by the Superintendent.
   (E)   Tapping the mains will be done only by such person or persons who are expressly authorized by the Superintendent to do the work, or it shall be done by the Superintendent or other city employees, under the supervision of the Superintendent. Mains shall be tapped at a 45 degree angle from the horizontal and not in any case at or within 12 inches back or 30 inches ahead of a hub or another tap.
   (F)   Curb boxes shall be set as nearly in line with the property line as possible, and the top of the box shall level with the ground surface unless the Superintendent specifies otherwise. Where there is a continuous concrete surface between the building and the curb, then the box shall be set 6 inches inside of the curb. If the box is situated in or under any permanent hard surface, a lockable cover must be installed over the box. If a curb box set at grade is extended more than three-quarters of an existing extension, an additional extension must be provided to prevent the initial extension from being disconnected from the corp valve
   (G)   Every separate building supplied with water must have its own service connection directly with the mains, except that double houses under the same roof may be supplied with one service. Two or more adjacent buildings owned by the same person may be supplied with the same connection provided that the single ownership continues and that the owner agrees to pay for all water consumed on the entire premises. Upon termination of the single ownership, a separate connection shall be made immediately to the building or premises theretofore having the indirect connection, provided that in case there is no water main on any street on which the premises abut, the Council may permit the connection to remain until the water main is laid in the abutting street.
   (H)   (1)   New water connections shall be constructed of materials as specified by city engineering standards.
      (2)   Water service connections must be laid 7-1/2 feet below the finished grade of the ground or street surface. If it necessary to lay the connection at less than 7-1/2 feet below the finished grade, 2 inches of insulation must be provided for each foot by which the depth of installation is decreased. Before the trench is backfilled, the complete service connection line is to be tested in accordance with the Minnesota Plumbing Code. Unused water service connections are required to be cut off at the main when property is redeveloped and at the time the new service connection is installed.
   (I)   Every service shall be metered and only meters/metering systems furnished by the city shall be installed. Metering systems shall consist of a water meter, a radio read device and a connecting cable. Seasonal cottages may be exempted from this provision in the discretion of the Clerk. However, at the time that any seasonal cottage is remodeled into a year-round dwelling, a meter/metering system shall be installed at the owner’s expense. In cases where services exist that are not metered, the owner of the services must install a meter within 30 days after receiving notification from the Superintendent or the Clerk and pay for the meter according to rates established in this chapter. If the owner fails to install the meter, the city may order one installed and charge the cost against the water bill of the premises served. If the owner does not pay for the installation, the amount shall be certified to the County Auditor as in the case of delinquent water bills. If the person refuses entry to his or her premises for purposes of installing the meter, the Clerk may discontinue water service to the premises.
(Prior Code, § 18.02, Subd. 4)