§ 17.2.700  PURPOSE.
   The procedure is intended to allow modification of specific standards contained in the Development Code. Requests to modify a , height or standard by 20% or less are processed as Adjustments. The procedure is used when an is requesting modification of more than 20% of a , height or standard, or modification of a standard not qualified for an Adjustment under § 17.2.100. Requests for variances from the and provisions of § 17.8.315 shall be considered pursuant to § 17.8.330 Procedure.
   The following regulations of the Development Code are not eligible for a .
   A.   The uses permitted in the .
   B.   Definitions.
   C.   The minimum and maximum residential allowed in a .
   D.   Restrictions on uses or that contain the word “Prohibited.”
   E.   A change in established procedures.
   A may be permitted if the review authority finds that the has complied with all review criteria.
(Ord. 2009-01, passed 3-9-2009; Ord. 2016-16, passed 9-26-2016)