§ 17.2.510  PROCEDURE.
   A.   Requests. A request for an interpretation shall be made in writing on the proper form and submitted to the .
   B.   Decision to issue. The shall have the authority to consider the request for an interpretation. The shall respond within 14 days after the request is made and indicate whether or not the will issue the requested interpretation.
   C.    may decline. The is authorized to issue or decline to issue a requested interpretation. The ’s decision to issue or decline to issue an interpretation is final when such decision is mailed to the requesting the interpretation.
   D.   Written interpretation. If the decides to issue an interpretation as requested, it shall be made within 14 days, labeled as a “’s Interpretation” and shall be mailed to the requesting the interpretation and to any other that has specifically requested, in writing, a copy of such interpretation. Failure to receive the interpretation shall not invalidate the decision if the interpretation was sent to the address provided by the .
   E.    to Planning Commission. The and any who received notice of the interpretation or a determination not to make an interpretation may to the Planning Commission within 14 days after the determination was mailed to the . The may be initiated by filing a notice of with the .
   F.    . The Planning Commission shall consider the of the interpretation at a public hearing. Notice of the hearing shall be provided to the , any other who has filed a notice of , and any other who has specifically requested notice. The decision of the City on an of an interpretation shall be final when it is mailed to the .
   G.   Interpretations on file. The shall keep a record of all interpretations on file in the Department of Community Development.
(Ord. 2009-01, passed 3-9-2009)