In addition to the standard submittal requirements for a Type II , the following plans and information are required for Review. The may waive specific submittal requirements at the pre- conference, if warranted.
    Plans shall be drawn to scale and fully dimensioned, and shall illustrate the following:
   A.   Boundaries of the , with dimensions and land area in square feet;
   B.   Boundaries of adjacent to the , with general locations of existing and and description of current land uses;
   C.   Existing contours of the at two-foot intervals for slopes of less than 10% and at ten-foot intervals for slopes of more than 10%. Additional contour data may be required by the for slopes greater than 20%;
   D.   Major existing physical and natural features such as perennial and intermittent streams, wooded areas, marshes, rock outcroppings and vegetative cover types;
   E.   Environmental resource areas subject to the provisions in § 17.8.305 and, where applicable, §§ 17.5.005 et seq. and environmental hazard areas subject to the requirements in § 17.8.310;
   F.   Individual or of subject to the provisions of §§ 17.5.100 et seq.;
   G.   Historic Landmarks subject to the provisions of §§ 17.5.200 et seq.;
   H.   Location, dimensions and heights of existing and/or proposed , including area in square feet and designation of existing and/or proposed ;
   I.    dimensions from to and as a percentage of total size;
   J.   Location and dimensions of existing and/or proposed , , transit facilities, sidewalks, trails, off- parking and , bicycle parking facilities, landscaped areas, recreation areas and trash storage areas;
   K.   Location of existing utilities and fire hydrants adjacent to the , including the size of storm sewer, sanitary sewer and water lines;
   L.   Location and names of public , parks, utility rights-of-way and within or adjacent to the ;
   M.   Location and types of proposed drainage, water and sewer facilities to serve the ;
   N.   Elevation drawings of proposed ;
   O.   Landscape plan depicting existing and proposed , shrubs, groundcover, irrigation and architectural features such as or walls. Proposed plantings shall be designated as to species, quantities and size at time of planting;
   P.   Location, character and dimensions of proposed and lighting; and
   Q.   Locations and dimensions of all existing and proposed areas, including but not limited to trash storage and recycling areas.
(Ord. 2009-01, passed 3-9-2009)