§ 17.2.220  REVIEW CRITERIA.
   All of the following criteria must be met for approval of a new , or the major modification of an existing :
   A.   Physical compatibility.
      1.   The proposed will be compatible with adjacent based on characteristics such as the size, scale and style, and landscaping; or
      2.   The proposed will mitigate differences in appearance or scale through , screening, landscaping and other design features.
   B.   Public services.
      1.   The transportation system is capable of safely supporting the proposed in addition to the existing uses in the area. Evaluation factors include capacity and level of service, to arterials, transit availability, on- parking impacts, requirements, neighborhood impacts and pedestrian safety; and
      2.   Public services for water supply, sanitary sewer, stormwater disposal, police and fire protection are capable of serving the proposed and .
   C.   Livability. The proposed will not have significant adverse impacts on the livability of nearby lands due to:
      1.   Noise, glare from lights, late-night operations, odors and litter; and
      2.   Privacy and safety issues.
(Ord. 2009-01, passed 3-9-2009)