A.   The shall demonstrate compliance with the locational requirements of O.R.S. Chapter 475B and must maintain State certification at all times.
   B.   Marijuana-related activities are prohibited on publicly-owned lands.
   C.   Entrances and off- parking areas shall be well-lit and not visually obscured from public view/right-of-way. Landscaping shall be continuously maintained to provide clear lines of sight from public rights-of-way to all entrances. Interior lighting, exterior lighting and parking area lighting shall be of sufficient foot-candles and color rendition so as to allow the ready identification of any individual at a distance of no less than 40 feet. Exterior lighting shall be provided in accordance with required security measures and shall be continuously maintained.
   D.   The facility must provide for secure disposal or render impotent marijuana remnants or byproducts, or items with marijuana residue of any kind.
   E.   All hazardous materials shall be stored and processed in a manner approved by the City Fire Marshal. Hazardous waste shall be disposed of properly through a properly licensed solid waste disposal or recycling facility. 
   F.   A pre- conference and approval (§§ 17.1.200 et seq.) is required for any marijuana producer, processor, wholesaler or testing laboratory. A neighborhood meeting may be required as part of the pre- process pursuant to §§ 17.1.220 et seq.
   G.   The shall not issue any other permit for until final approval has been granted.
   H.   Any or property in violation of §§ 17.8.1100 et seq. is subject to abatement and assessment by the under the abatement procedures set forth in §§ 91.050 through 91.054.
(Ord. 2009-01, passed 3-9-2009; Ord. 2015-2, passed 4-27-2015; Ord. 2016-7, passed 3-28-2016)