§ 17.8.345  FLOODWAYS.
   Located within established in § 17.8.315B. are areas designated as . Since the is an extremely hazardous area due to the velocity of floodwaters which carry debris, potential projectiles and erosion potential, the following provisions apply:
   A.   Except as provided in paragraph C. below, prohibit encroachments, including fill, , , and other unless certification by a registered professional civil engineer is provided demonstrating through hydrologic and hydraulic analyses performed in accordance with standard engineering practice that encroachments shall not result in any increase in levels during the occurrence of the discharge.
   B.   If § 17.8.345A. is satisfied, all and shall comply with all applicable hazard reduction provisions of § 17.8.335, Provisions for Hazard Reduction.
   C.   Temporary placed in the : Relief from no-rise evaluation, elevation or dry -proofing standards may be granted for a non-residential placed during the dry season (June – October) and for a period of less than 90 days. A plan for the removal of the temporary after the dry season or when a event threatens shall be provided. The plan shall include disconnecting and protecting from water infiltration and damage all utilities servicing the temporary .
   D.   Temporary storage of goods and materials, not including hazardous materials, is allowed in the for a period of less than 90 days within the dry season (June – October).
(Ord. 2009-01, passed 3-9-2009; Ord. 2013-3, passed 5-22-2013; Ord. 2018-07, passed 10-8-2018)