The shall coordinate the review of the final . Approval of the final will be granted through the Type I procedure if the finds that the has met all of the following criteria.
   A.   The final is in substantial conformance with the approved tentative .
   B.   Conditions of approval attached to the tentative have been satisfied.
   C.   All public facilities serving the are fully improved and adequate, or full improvement of such public facilities is guaranteed prior approval of the final map.
   D.   The final shall be checked, and such measurements taken and computations made as necessary to determine that the is correct, and that all requirements of state law and this Code are met.
   Upon notification by each agency that the final is satisfactory, the shall circulate the original copy of the final for all signatures required by State law.
   The may make field checks to verify that the map is sufficiently correct on the ground and may enter the property for this purpose.
(Ord. 2009-01, passed 3-9-2009; Ord. 2013-3, passed 5-22-2013)