The final and two copies shall be submitted to the and meet Washington County’s survey and standards and shall conform to the approved tentative and with Article 8 Standards, except where modified by a Planned approval (see Article 4). The shall contain or be accompanied by the following information:
   A.   Name of the ;
   B.   Date, north arrow, scale, legend and existing features such as highways and railroads;
   C.   Legal description of boundaries;
   D.   Reference and bearings to adjoining recorded surveys;
   E.   Exact location and width of and intersecting the boundary of the ;
   F.    , block and boundary lines;
   G.    rights-of-way, centerlines with dimensions to the nearest 0.01 foot, bearings or deflection angles, radii, arc, points of curvature and tangent bearings. boundaries, boundaries and bearings shall be shown to the nearest 30 seconds with basis for bearings;
   H.   Name and width of proposed and existing (subject to approval by the ), width of any existing right-of-way, and width on each side of the centerline. For on curvature, curve data shall be based on the centerline. In addition to centerline dimensions, the radius and center angle shall be indicated;
   I.    , denoted by fine dotted lines clearly identified and, if already of record, their recorded reference. If an is not definitely located or recorded, there shall be a written statement of the . The ’s width, length, bearing, purpose and sufficient ties to locate it with respect to the shall be shown. If the is being dedicated by the , it shall be properly referenced in the owner’s certificates of . The shall approve wording of all ;
   J.   Locations and widths of waterway and drainageways;
   K.   Location and widths of railroad rights-of-way and at the end of stub or along the edge of partial-width on the boundary;
   L.   Parcels to be dedicated shall be distinguished from intended for sale, with acreage and alphabetic symbols for each parcel;
   M.   Notations indicating any limitations on rights of to or from and or other parcels of land;
   N.   Clear identification of that have solar height limitations;
   O.   All certificates, acknowledgments and other requirements established by State law. Such certificates may be combined where appropriate;
   P.   A signature line for the Community Development ; and
   Q.   A signature line for the verifying all and rights-of-way for public improvements and verifying that all required public improvements have either been installed to standards or have been guaranteed for installation to the satisfaction of the .
(Ord. 2009-01, passed 3-9-2009; Ord. 2013-3, passed 5-22-2013)