This article guides what is often the first major step in the process, how land is divided into blocks, and . Land divisions define the pattern of a community, which in turn may shape the character of the community. This article establishes the procedures for , expedited land divisions, and . The provisions of this article should be read together with the General Development Standards of Article 8. In particular, the standards for Public Improvements that are applicable to all , including land divisions, are addressed in Article 8.
   Land divisions occur through either a or process.
      A procedure is used when three or fewer units (generally referred to as “parcels”) are created in a calendar year and may or may not involve creation of a . are reviewed through a two-step process.
      A is used when four or more units (generally referred to as “ ”) of land are created in a calendar year. are also reviewed through a two-step process. may include a concurrent request for Planned (PD) approval to permit greater flexibility in the design of the . Provisions for Planned are addressed in Article4.
   The following list summarizes topics covered in this article:
   General Provisions
      Expedited Land Divisions
      Land Division Standards
   These headings can assist the user in locating information. The table of contents contains a complete list of the material included in this article.
(Ord. 2009-01, passed 3-9-2009)