(a)   All full-time employees shall be entitled to sick leave credited at the rate of one day per month on the last day of each month.
   (b)   Sick leave shall be paid at the rate of 100 percent of the employee's base pay.
   (c)   Personal days credited to employees prior to January l, 1989, shall be credited to sick leave.
   (d)   Unused sick leave shall be carried forward to the next year.
   (e)   Each employee shall verify his/her earned sick leave with the Village Clerk- Treasurer prior to January 1 of each year.
   (f)   Sick leave shall not be granted to any employee who has accepted employment with another employer. This shall not prohibit the employee  from electing, upon separation, to be paid for accrued sick leave pursuant to Section 145.11 of this chapter.
   (g)   Sick leave of three or more consecutive days in any one pay period will be paid only after written certification of treatment by a doctor is submitted.
   (h)   Falsification of either a written, signed statement or a doctor's certification shall be grounds for disciplinary action, including dismissal.
(Ord. 1497. Passed 12-11-97.)
   (i)   Carry Over of Accumulated Sick Leave From Previous Public Employment.
      (1)   Any new employee with the Village of Forest shall be permitted to carry over up to twelve (12) weeks of previously accumulated sick leave pay/time from any previous position of public employment.  Said accumulated carry over sick leave pay/time shall be recognized by the Village of Forest and made available to the employee, if necessary, according to policy and Ohio Law.
      (2)   This subsection shall not affect any employee previously hired by the Village of Forest prior to the enactment of this subsection and shall apply only to those Village of Forest employees hired after this subsection becomes effective. 
         (Ord.  1946.  Passed 8-8-19.)