§ 162.03-10 Tree Alteration Permit.
   (A)   Purpose. This section provides a mechanism for the removal of trees within the city only in accordance with the standards in § 166.01, Tree Protection.
   (B)   Applicability.
      (1)   Where required. A tree alteration permit shall be required for the removal of any tree or the pruning of any limb more than six inches diameter at the nearest juncture.
   (C)   Procedure.
      (1)   Submission and review of application. The procedures and requirements for submission and review of an application are established in § 162.02, Common Review Procedures.
      (2)   Action by Building Official. The Building Official shall review and take action on the application for a tree alteration permit consistent with the standards in § 162.03-10(E), Tree Alteration Permit Standards.
   (D)   Application requirements. Applications for a tree alteration permit shall be filed on a form provided by the Building Official.
      (1)   Any application for the removal of a protected or non protected tree must be accompanied by a landscape plan the location and size of all non protected trees over 12 inches DBH and protected trees identified in Table 166.02.
      (2)   Any application for the removal of a tree that is severely diseased, high risk, dying or hazardous, must be accompanied by a supporting letter from an ISA arborist or landscape architect certified in the State of South Carolina.
   (E)   Tree alteration permit standards. A tree alteration permit shall be approved upon a finding that the application complies with the standards of this section and § 166.01, Tree Protection.
   (F)   Conditions. In approving a tree alteration permit, the Building Official may impose appropriate conditions on the permit approval pursuant to § 162.02-12, Conditions of Approval. The Building Official may waive the fee required for a tree alteration permit if the applicant agrees to provide the city with mulch or chippings created during the tree removal process.
   (G)   Expiration. If the work described in any tree alteration permit has not begun within six months from the date of issuance, the tree alteration permit shall expire and be void.
   (H)   Amendments. A tree alteration permit may be amended, extended, or modified only in accordance with the procedures established for its original approval.
   (I)   Appeal of decision of Building Official. Any person aggrieved or affected by a decision of the Building Official may appeal such decision to the BZA in accordance with § 162.03-15, Appeals.
(Ord. 05-10, passed 3-23-10; Am. Ord. 25-16, passed 1-10-17; Am. Ord. 029-21, passed 12-14-21)