§ 30-41  DRAG RACING.
   (a)   Any vehicle used for the purpose of illegal drag racing, is declared a nuisance. All nuisances shall be enjoined and abated as provided in this section of the code and as provided in the Court rules. Any person or his or her servant, agent, or employee who owns, leases, or conducts, in violation of this act is guilty of a nuisance.
   (b)   Action to abate; parties; injunction. The Chief Legal Officer may maintain an action for nuisance abatement equitable relief in the name of the City of Flint in the Genesee County Circuit Court.
   (c)   Order of abatement.  If the existence of the nuisance is established in an action as provided in section (b), an order of abatement shall be entered as a part of the judgment in the case, which order shall direct the removal of all fixtures and contents therein and shall direct the sale thereof.
   (d)   Prerequisites to delivery of vehicle. The vehicle may be returned upon payment of an administrative fee of nine hundred ($900.00) dollars, and any storage and towing fees as settlement of any nuisance abatement action.
(Ord. 3796, passed 6-27-2011)