(a)   The Emergency Management Liaison shall be responsible for aiding in the development of the City of Flint’s emergency management programs with the Genesee County Emergency Management Coordinator.
   (b)   The Emergency Management Liaison’s duties shall include, but not be limited to:
      (1)   Aiding in the development of the City Emergency Operations Plan, and any other appropriate disaster plans, for the immediate use of all of the facilities, equipment, manpower, and other resources of the City for the purpose of minimizing or preventing damage to persons or property; and protecting and restoring to usefulness governmental services and public utilities necessary for the public health, safety and general welfare.
      (2)   Coordinating the recruitment and training of volunteer personnel and agencies to augment the personnel and facilities of the City for emergency purposes.
      (3)   Conducting practice alerts and exercises to ensure the efficient operation of the City’s emergency organization and to familiarize residents of the City with emergency regulations, procedures and operations.
      (4)   Coordinating municipal emergency management activities with those at the County level and adjacent municipalities.
(Ord. 3176, passed 8-10-1991)