(a)   For each license issued under the provisions of this article, the applicant shall pay the appropriate fee according to the schedule specified in Chapter 26 of this Code.
   (b)   The following classes of solicitors, canvassers and peddlers shall be exempt from the payment of license fees:
      (1)   Those engaged in interstate commerce.
      (2)   Those selling only products produced, grown or manufactured by their own labor. This exemption does not apply to the makers of baked goods.
      (3)   Those representing retail or wholesale establishments which have engaged in business in the City three months or longer.
      (4)   Those selling on a veterans license.
   (c)   This shall not apply to nonprofit ordinance organizations.
(Ord. 1428, passed 3-17-1958; Ord. 1458, passed 9-29-1958; Ord. 1792, passed 8-17-1964; Ord. 3476, passed 5-29-2001)