§ 12-86  BOND.
   In addition to the license fee provided in § 12-84, the applicant shall furnish a cash bond in the amount of one hundred dollars ($100.00) to insure full and faithful compliance with the following requirements:
   (a)   The applicant shall remove all unsold Christmas trees, limbs, brush and debris from the premises within seven (7) days after the termination of the operations.
   (b)   The applicant shall remove, within seven (7) days after termination of operations, any other material or conditions which constitute a public or private nuisance or which constitute a fire hazard or which are detrimental to the general health, safety and welfare of adjacent property owners and the general public.
   (c)   The City of Flint shall be empowered to use the amount of said bond for the purpose of performing the obligations hereinabove set forth.
   If the City is required to perform the obligations hereby imposed upon the applicant, the cost of same shall be computed and charged to the applicant, together with a penalty charge of 10%. If the cost thereof exceeds the amount of the bond, the applicant shall remit same within ten (10) days of notification. Failure to thusly remit shall constitute just and sufficient cause to reject any future applications to sell or distribute Christmas trees within the City of Flint. If the costs and penalty hereinabove specified are less than the amount of the bond, the difference between the same and the amount of the bond shall be returned to the applicant. The applicant shall be required to appear in person, or by his duly authorized representative at the office of the City Clerk to claim this amount. An inspection shall be conducted by representatives of the City of Flint prior to the return, in full or in part, of the amounts hereinabove specified.
   The bonds herein contemplated shall be signed by the applicant or his duly authorized agent and the owner or owners of the premises upon which the operations are to be conducted. The instrument shall further, by express terms, empower the City of Flint by its duly designated agents or employees, to enter upon the premises for the purpose of performing the obligations set forth in § 12-90; provided, however, that any person, firm or corporation selling Christmas trees upon property properly zoned therefor and upon which their principal use is situated shall not be required to post the bond as hereinabove set forth. In the event, however, that such person, firm or corporation shall fail to comply with the provisions hereinabove set forth, such failure shall constitute just and sufficient cause to reject any further applications to sell or distribute Christmas trees upon said property.
(Ord. 1835, passed 5-3-1965; Ord. 1977, passed 6-12-1967)