It shall be unlawful for any person to hold or conduct or aid in holding or conducting as an auctioneer in the City of Flint an auction or auction sale of any real estate or personal property without first obtaining from the City Council a license for that purpose and paying the license fee or fees hereinafter provided; and before any such license shall be granted the person applying therefor shall make an application in writing, giving his name and address and stating whether a license is desired for a period ending April 30 next following the date of the application, or whether such a license is desired for the period of ninety days or less, and such application shall contain an agreement that the license, if granted, shall be accepted on condition that it may be revoked, for a good cause, by the City Council; and no such license will be transferred. No license shall be required for a sale at auction under legal process where such sales are required by law to be made at public auction.
(Ord. 138, passed 12-7-1917; Ord. 328, passed 7-25-1923)