No person or persons, company or corporation shall, within the limits of the City of Flint, act, perform or exhibit any sports, any museum, natural or artificial curiosities, or any circus or Wild West Show, or any theatrical presentation, concert or musical entertainment, or any sleight-of-hand, juggling or legerdemain tricks; or other public exhibition, entertainment, shows or amusements of whatever kind, name or nature, to which admission is obtained on the payment of money, or valuable consideration, or operate an auditorium, opera house, hall, theater, skating rink, penny arcade, archery range, or amusement rides, without first having obtained a license from the City Clerk therefor, except such as may be exhibited or performed in a licensed auditorium, theater, opera house, hall, or skating rink.
(Ord. 130, passed 5-25-1909; Ord. 1894, passed 3-21-1966)