(a)   A BILLIARD ROOM or POOLROOM, for the purpose of this chapter shall be defined as any nonresidential establishment other than hotels and holders of tavern or Class C liquor licenses in which four (4) or more billiard or pool tables for hire are located.
   (b)   The provisions of this article shall not be construed to require the licensing of a private home or the private club house of any legally incorporated and generally recognized fraternity or society, where billiard or pool tables or bowling alleys may be located, provided said home or club house is not open to the general public.
(Ord. 637, passed 7-8-1946; Ord. 1837, passed 5-10-1965; Ord. 2711, passed 6-11-1979; Ord. 2751, passed 12-10-1979)