(a)   The Planning Commission may impose any conditions or limitations upon the establishment, location, construction, maintenance or operations of regulated use as may in its judgment be necessary for the protection of the public interest. Any evidence and guarantee may be required as proof that the conditions stipulated in connection therewith will be fulfilled.
   (b)   Any special regulated use that ceases for more than 30 days shall not be resumed except by application and approval pursuant to § 50-162, unless the hiatus is caused by physical damage to the premises amounting to not more than 50% of the value thereof.
   (c)   No special regulated use may be expanded in any manner without approval of the Planning Commission.
   (d)   In the event of the death or documented long-term illness of the owner or owners of a special regulated use, a waiver of subsection (b) above may be granted by the Planning Commission at its sole discretion upon written request by the owner or the owner’s estate, at any regularly scheduled meeting within 90 days of the closure of the business.
(Ord. 2599, passed 4-25-1977; Ord. 2845, passed 7-26-1982; Ord. 3669, passed 11-28-2005)