The following requirements apply to all group “A” and group “B” special regulated uses.
   (a)   The use must be located in a single free standing building on premises devoted exclusively to the regulated use. A shared or common-wall building or shopping center is not a single, freestanding building.
   (b)   The exterior color of the building must be approved by the Planning Commission.
   (c)   The building and site shall be so designed, constructed and maintained that displays, decorations or signs depicting, describing or relating to specific sexual activities or specified anatomical areas are not visible from a public right-of-way or adjacent property.
   (d)   The building in which the use is located shall not be connected to any other business, dwelling or living quarters of any type.
   (e)   The building in which the use is located shall not, during business hours, have the principal entrance and exit doors locked or obstructed in any manner that impedes the ingress and egress of patrons.
(Ord. 3669, passed 11-28-2005)