(a)   In all cases, the matter of changes or amendment to this chapter shall first be referred to or taken up by the Planning Commission for investigation and study and preparation of its tentative report and recommendation. The Commission shall hold a public hearing on the tentative report, changes or amendments, giving not less than 15 days’ notice thereof in official paper or papers of general circulation in the City. In the cases of an individual property or several adjacent properties which are proposed for rezoning, notice of the proposed rezoning and hearing shall be given to the owners of the property in question at least 15 days before the hearing.
   (b)   In addition, for zoning amendments, not less than seven days’ written notice shall be delivered personally or by ordinary mail, addressed to the last address shown on the assessment rolls of the City, to any persons owning property within the radius of 300 feet from any part of the property sought to be rezoned. Written notices shall set forth the property sought to be rezoned, stating its legal description or permanent parcel number and the street number, or if there is no number, the geographical location with reference to adjacent streets, the zoning change. Property owners outside of the 300 feet shall be heard at such hearing. The requirements herein set forth relative to the written notice to property owners within the 300-foot radius shall be deemed owners within the 300-foot radius shall be deemed directory rather than mandatory, notwithstanding anything in this chapter which might be construed to the contrary, and no amendment to this chapter shall be held invalid if there has been substantial compliance with this requirement.
   (c)   After completion of the hearing before the Planning Commission, the Planning Commission shall prepare its final report and recommendation and submit the same to the City Council at its first regular meeting in the fourth week following the meeting of the Planning Commission at which the report is made final. If there is no regular meeting of the City Council in the fourth week, then the final report shall be received at the next regularly scheduled meeting. The receipt of the final report shall be noticed in the minutes of the City Council.
(Ord. 2046, passed 4-11-1968; Ord. 2555, passed 4-26-1976; Ord. 2616, passed 11-28-1977; Ord. 2846, passed 7-26-1982)