§ 50-142.12  TYPE 6, POSTER BOARDS.
   (a)   The term “poster board” shall apply to any advertising panel typically erected on a free standing framework independent of a building. Large poster boards are commonly referred to as “billboards.”
   (b)   Poster boards or billboards, being principal uses advertising a product or service not found on the premises, shall not restrict the view of on-premises advertising and thus shall have no part of the sign face, sign column or other sign appurtenance located closer than seven feet to a street right-of-way line nor closer than two feet to the nearest side lot line. The Director of the Division of Building and Safety Inspection shall establish building lines on streets where no plat restrictions exist. All poster boards shall be erected on structural steel frames anchored to the ground by concrete piers.
   (c)   Poster boards may be erected no closer than 300 feet to a residentially zoned district.
(Ord. 2504, passed 6-23-1975; Ord. 3063, passed 7-11-1988; Ord. 3281, passed 10-24-1994)