§ 50-142.10  TYPE 4, COLUMN SIGNS.
   (a)   The term “column sign” shall apply to any advertising panel supported by or suspended from a free standing column or columns. Each of these columns shall not have a projected width on a plane perpendicular with the front property line of more than 14 inches, nor a projected width on a plain parallel with the front property line of more than 21 inches. These maximum column size requirements may be waived when erected outside the clear vision area of § 50-142.6(c), or as modified. When more than one column is used, they shall be separated a distance of not less than 30 inches at a distance of five feet above grade. Column signs shall not be erected within two feet of an interior property line.
   (b)   Column signs may be erected outside private property lines on application to the Division of Building and Safety Inspection, giving location, with respect to property lines, fire hydrants.
(Ord. 2504, passed 6-23-1975; Ord. 3063, passed 7-11-1988)