Every parcel of land hereafter used as a public or private parking area, including commercial parking lots, restricted accessory parking lots in residence districts, and automobile or trailer sales lots, shall be developed and maintained in accordance with the following requirements.
   (a)   Screening and landscaping.
      (1)   Off-street parking areas for more than five vehicles shall be effectively screened on each side which adjoins or faces any residence district or institutional use, except for necessary entrances and exits, by:
         a.   A masonry wall of acceptable design;
         b.   A solid fence of acceptable design; or
         c.   A planting buffer, maintained in a health condition of acceptable design and species to effectively screen the parking from the residence district or institutional use. The planting buffer shall be planted and arranged in such a way as to produce 80% or more continuing capacity, beginning no later than four years after planting, when viewed horizontally from between ground level and four feet above the ground or three feet above the ground front and side street setbacks. The plant material and design shall be reviewed and approved by a City staff landscape architect as being adequate to produce the necessary screening effect. The Planning Commission, Zoning Board of Appeals or Director of Building and Safety Inspection may require a chain link fence in addition to a planting, to prevent debris from blowing into adjacent areas.
      (2)   All walls, fences or planting buffers shall be protected from vehicle damage by billiards, guardrails or curbing of acceptable design.
      (3)   Along the front or side street frontage, the walls, fences or planting buffers shall be no more than three feet in height, to insure adequate sight distance. Along interior lot lines, the walls, fences or planting buffers shall be between four and six feet in height and maintained in a health condition.
      (4)   One tree shall be planted in the required setback for each 50 linear feet, or fraction thereof, of front or side street frontage. Front and side street frontage are to be computed separately. The trees shall have a clear trunk of at least five feet and be of acceptable species as approved by the City’s Forestry Division.
      (5)   The area, if any, between such walls or fences and the nearest side or front lot line or any unpaved area shall be planted with grass, hardy shrubs or evergreen ground cover and maintained in a healthy condition.
      (6)   Walls and fences shall not contain signing or advertising, except for necessary directional signs.
   (b)   Access.  Off-street parking areas for five or more vehicles shall be designed so all vehicles may enter and exit adjoining streets and other public rights-of-way in a forward motion.
(Ord. 2046, passed 4-11-1968; Ord. 2845, passed 7-26-1982)