The sanitary regulations prescribed by the State Board of Health or other authority having jurisdiction, the regulations of the Building Code of the City and as may be otherwise required by law shall be complied with in addition to the following regulations.
   (a)   Lot area occupancy. The buildings, cabins and trailers, mobile homes, recreation vehicles in any tourist camp, trailer park, mobile home park, or motel, together with any nonaccessory buildings already on the lot, shall not occupy in the aggregate more than 25% of the area of the lot.
   (b)   Parking. All areas used for automobile access and parking shall comply with the applicable provisions of this chapter concerning off-street parking and loading.
   (c)   Entrance. No vehicular entrance to or exit from any trailer park or motel, wherever such may be located, shall be within 200 feet along streets from any school, public playground, church, hospital, library or institution for dependents or for children, except where the property is in another block or another street which the premises in question do not abut.
   (d)   Landscaping, unused areas. All areas used for access, parking, circulation, buildings and service shall be completely and permanently landscaped and the entire site maintained in good condition.
(Ord. 2046, passed 4-11-1968; Ord. 2829, passed 3-22-1982)