It shall be the duty of the Planning Commission to investigate and ascertain whether the proposed residential development plan complies with the following conditions.
   (a)   Consistency with zoning regulations. That the plan is consistent with the intent and purpose of this chapter (i.e., the zoning ordinance and any amendments thereto).
   (b)   Adjacent property, no adverse effect. That property adjacent to the area included in the plan will not be adversely affected.
   (c)   Residential use only. That the buildings are to be used only for residential purposes and usual accessory uses, such as garages, storage space, recreational and community activities, including churches, and such other uses as accessory uses as may be permitted outright or conditionally in the district where located.
   (d)   Lot area per family.  That the average lot area per family or dwelling unit contained in the site, exclusive of the area of streets, will not be less than 80% of the lot area per family required in the district in which the site is located.
   (e)   Off-street parking. That there are to be provided off-street parking facilities in accordance with the off-street parking requirements of this chapter.
   (f)   Coverage. 25%.
   (g)   Recreational facilities. That there are to be provided, as a part of the proposed development, recreational facilities to serve the needs of the anticipated population to be housed therein as follows.
      (1)   Recreation area, projects over 20 acres. In case any lot or tract on which a residence development or dwelling group is to be erected contains 20 acres or more, at least 5% of the acreage of the lot shall be set aside and developed as a neighborhood playground or playgrounds.
      (2)   Recreation area, projects under 20 acres. In case of a lot under 20 acres in area with more than 50 dwelling units, the required area of play lots shall be 2,000 square feet plus 30 square feet for each dwelling unit in excess of 50.
      (3)   Recreation area, modification.  These requirements for the provision of recreation areas may be modified or waived by the Planning Commission where adequate public recreation areas are available nearby, or where justified in view of the availability of suitable yard space of the type of occupancy the dwelling units are designed to accommodate.
   (h)   Planning Commission may authorize project. Following a public hearing by the Planning Commission, and if the Commission finds that the proposed residence development plan is consistent with the intent and purpose of this chapter, it may authorize the Building Inspector to issue a zoning certificate, even though the use of the land and location of the building to be erected and the yards and open spaces contemplated by the plan do not conform in all respects to the regulations of this chapter for the district in which the site of the proposed development is located.
(Ord. 2046, passed 4-11-1968; Ord. 2795, passed 5-26-1981; Ord. 2845, passed 7-26-1982)