All uses authorized by this article shall be subject to the following conditions.
   (a)   Business in enclosed buildings. All businesses, services or processing shall be conducted wholly within a completely enclosed building, except for the sales of automotive fuels, lubricants and other fluids at service stations, and such outdoor business, service, display or storage of vehicles, storage of materials and equipment as hereinbefore specifically authorized or as may be authorized by the Board of Appeals.
   (b)   Production of sale at retail.  All products produced on the premises, whether primary or incidental, shall be sold at retail on the premises where produced.
   (c)   Use to be nonobjectionable.  Processes and equipment employed and goods sold shall be limited to those which are objectionable by reason of odor, dust, smoke, cinders, gas fumes, noise, vibration, radiation, refuse matter or water-carried waste.
   (d)   New merchandise.  Goods for sale shall consist primarily of new merchandise, except antiques.
   (e)   Hours of business.  No business, service or processing shall conduct its operation at any point in time between the hours of 12:00 midnight and 6:00 a.m. if it is adjacent to a residential district unless it is enclosed on all sides adjoining the residential district by screening and fencing.
   (f)   Location of SDM and SDD licenses.  No business or service having an SDM and/or SDD license shall be located within 500 feet, property to property, of another business or service having an SDM or SDD license. This requirement shall not apply to full-line groceries and supermarkets, regardless of size, which have the following distinguishing characteristics:
      (1)   Provide a fresh beef, pork and poultry counter at least six feet in length;
      (2)   Provide a fresh produce counter or area with a minimum of eight items in at least one-case lots each at the time of purchase; and
      (3)   “Take-out” alcohol cannot occupy more than 10% of the gross building floor area.
   (g)   Exterior lighting.  Exterior lighting fixtures shall be no more than 20 feet in height and shall be shielded to prevent the visibility of the luminaries from, and the casting of direct light upon, adjacent residential properties. At the close of business, all illuminated signs and lights, not necessary for security purposes, shall be extinguished.
   (h)   Trash and storage.  All uses, including trash collection and storage area, not located within a fully enclosed building or structure, shall be completely enclosed by a solid wall, solid fence, dense living hedge, and/or solid gate not less than six feet in height.
   (i)   Location of mechanical amusement devices. Same as D-1.
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