The following are the principal conditional uses in an A-2 single-family medium density district.
   (a)   Generally.  All principal conditional uses permitted and regulated in the A-2 district, except as herein specified.
   (b)   Institutional.  Hospitals for human care, sanitariums, religious or charitable institutions, excluding institutions for care exclusively or pri- marily of epileptics, drug addicts, the feeble-minded or insane, alcoholics, contagious diseases. (Minimum lot area, one acre; 1,500 square feet of lot area for each resident or bed, excluding bassinets.)
   (c)   Residential.  Community development projects.
(Ord. 2046, passed 4-11-1968; Ord. 2795, passed 5-26-1981; Ord. 2910, passed 4-23-1984; Ord. 3036, passed 5-26-1987)