The following principal permitted uses are permitted outright in an A-2 single-family medium density district.
   (a)   Generally.  All principal uses permitted outright and as regulated in the A-1 district except as hereinafter specified.
   (b)   Residential.  One-family detached dwellings.
   (c)   Institutional. Public administration buildings.
   (d)   Home occupations.  Subject to the following conditions.
      (1)   Only the residents of the premises shall be engaged in the occupation.
      (2)   The use of the dwelling unit for the home occupation shall be clearly incidental and subordinate to its use for residential purposes by its occupants, and not more than 25% of the total floor area of the dwelling unit shall be used in the conduct of the home occupation. (For the purposes of this section, the basement and/or cellar shall not be included in computations of total floor area.)
      (3)   No “walk-in” trade shall be allowed.
      (4)   There shall be no change in the outside appearance of the building or premises, no structural alterations, or other visible evidence of the conduct of such home occupation.
      (5)   Entrance shall be from within the dwelling.
      (6)   No home occupation shall be conducted in any accessory building.
      (7)   No traffic shall be generated by the home occupation in greater volumes than would normally be expected in a residential neighborhood, and any need for parking generated by the conduct of the home occupation shall be met off the street and other than in a front yard.
      (8)   No equipment or process shall be used in the home occupation which creates noise, vibration, glare, fumes, odors or electrical interference No equipment or process shall be used which creates visual or audible interference in any radio or television receivers off the premises, or causes fluctuations in line voltage off the premises.
      (9)   No storage or display of materials, goods, supplies or equipment related to the operation of the home occupation shall be visible from the outside of any structure located on the premises or on adjacent premises.
      (10)   The home occupation shall not involve the use of commercial vehicles for delivery of materials to or from the premises; however, a vehicle of no more than three-fourths ton capacity may be used a part of the home occupation.
      (11)   No sign or other advertising shall be allowed anywhere on the premises.
      (12)   Nothing in this section shall prohibit the use of a residence by an occupant of that residence to give or receive instruction in a craft, fine art, science, humanity or field of learning and neither shall this section prohibit the regulation of noise, advertising, traffic or other conditions that may accompany the use of a residence as described above.
(Ord. 2046, passed 4-11-1968; Ord. 2910, passed 4-23-1984; Ord. 3301, passed 6-12-1995)