(a)   When an owner has failed to abate the nuisance or refuses to eliminate the nuisance after the notice procedure as contained in this article have been carried out, then the office of the City Administrator shall cause the nuisance to be abated.
   (b)   All the costs incurred in the abatement of the nuisance shall be the expense of the owner, except for that street right-of-way abutting single-family residentially zoned “through lots” (as defined in § 50-1 of the Flint City Code) where the street right- of-way that is parallel or nearly parallel to the street that carries the property address is separated from the remaining property by a continuous fence, without a gate or other opening, that extends from side lot line to side lot line. The City department or division undertaking the abatement process under this article shall keep records of all expenses related to the abatement with costs assigned to each parcel of land or lot property description and the person responsible for the land.
(Ord. 1756, passed 2-24-1964; Ord. 3028, passed 3-9-1987; Ord. 3327, passed 4-8-1996)