(a)   The City Clerk shall cause a notice to be published twice, during the month of April, in a newspaper of general circulation in Genesee County, stating that any nuisance, as defined by § 39-43, shall not be permitted to exist on property in the City and must be abated, destroyed or removed by the person responsible for the property beginning May 1, and continuing throughout the months of May, June, July, August and September of that year, and that failure to do so will result in the City causing the abatement, destruction or removal of the nuisance and the cost thereof shall be charged against the owner pursuant to the provisions of §§ 39-42 through 39-46 herein.
   (b)   The City shall cause periodic inspections to be made of lands in the City and when it is found that the lands have thereon such a nuisance, the City shall notify the owner by posting notice on the property and by mail that the nuisance must be abated within five days.
   (c)   If the owner fails to abate the nuisance within five days, the City may abate, destroy or remove the nuisance as many times as necessary during the months of May, June, July, August and September of the notice year and charge the cost to the owner of the property.
(Ord. 1756, passed 2-24-1964; Ord. 2989, passed 4-28-1986; Ord. 3114, passed 8-28-1989; Ord. 3327, passed 4-8-1996; Ord. 3530, passed 5-5-2004)