Violation of §§ 39-42 through 39-43.1 hereof shall be designated as civil infractions and any shall be subject to a fine of not to exceed $200.00 as determined by the discretion of the Court. The Court may also direct the City to proceed to abate the nuisance in the manner set out in §§ 39-43.2 through 39-46 hereof. The costs incurred by the City in the abatement of the nuisance may be added to the civil infraction fine. The costs incurred by the City shall also become a lien upon the land as provided in § 39-46 hereof, with the lien being discharged upon payment of the charges imposed by the City for the abatement of the nuisance.
(Ord. 3299, passed 5-22-1995; Ord. 3569, passed 6-9-2004; Ord. 3731, passed 11-19-2008)