(a)   The Department of Public Works and Utilities shall collect garbage or rubbish, or both from community gardens and noncommercial greenhouses subject to payment as provided for by the terms and specifications set by the Director of Public Works. Nothing herein shall be construed to prohibit the party responsible for creating the waste from entering into a contract with an authorized private collector or disposing of the waste, provided that it is stored and disposed of in such a manner as to create no nuisance.
   (b)   COMMUNITY GARDEN means an area of land managed and maintained by a group of individuals to grow and harvest food crops and/or non-food ornamental crops, such as flowers, for personal or group use, consumption or donation. Community gardens may be divided into separate plots for cultivation by one or more individuals or may be farmed collectively by members of the group and may include common areas maintained and used by group members.
   (c)   NONCOMMERCIAL GREENHOUSE means a building made of glass, plastic or fiberglass in which plants are cultivated with no retail sales of the plants or any other materials on site.
(Ord. 3771, passed 6-14-2010)