§ 39-26  LOCATION.
   (a)   Receptacles shall be conveniently accessible for collection service and for all users. All portable receptacles for garbage or rubbish shall be located in the rear of the premises except on collection day or the evening previous to date of collection. In residential areas, receptacles for refuse shall be placed in a location easily accessible to the collector, as close as possible to the driveway and within approximately five feet of the curb within the area between the sidewalk and curb or edge of the traveled portion of the public right-of-way.
   (b)   Any person who shall establish to the satisfaction of the City Administrator, that he or she suffers from a physical disability such as to make it impossible to move the receptacle to the location above specified, shall not be required to place the receptacle in such location for removal and the receptacle shall be picked up in a reasonable accessible location outside of the residence of the disabled person. In order to be entitled to the service above specified, a disabled person shall make application to the City Administrator, and shall, if required by the City Administrator, present medical evidence in support of the claim of disability. In the event there is a dispute relative to the existence of the disability the City Administrator shall have the right to request a medical evaluation by the City Physician. The City Administrator shall have the right to promulgate reasonable rules and regulations in order to implement and carry out the above procedures.
   (c)   Commercial and multiple dwellings’ refuse shall be located as indicated on the permit issued for use of the containers and receptacles.
(Ord. 2027, passed 2-5-1968; Ord. 2221, passed 6-22-1970)