General Provisions
   51.001   Definitions
   51.002   Control of sewers; administration of chapter
   51.003   Building sewers; general requirements
   51.004   Tampering with wastewater facilities
   51.005   Cost of repairing or restoring sewers
General Regulations
   51.015   Deposits of unsanitary manner prohibited
   51.016   Discharge of wastewater or other polluted waters
   51.017   Restrictions on wastewater disposal facilities
   51.018   Installation of service connection to public sewer
Private Wastewater Disposal
   51.035   Public sewer not available
   51.036   Permits
   51.037   Type, capacities, location and layout
   51.038   Direct connection required
   51.039   Operation and maintenance by owner
   51.040   Application of subchapter
Building Sewers and Connections
   51.055   Restrictions on new connections
   51.056   Building sewer permits
   51.057   Costs and expenses
   51.058   Separate building sewers required
   51.059   Old building sewers; restrictions on use
   51.060   Conformance to State Building and Plumbing Code requirements
   51.061   Elevation below basement floor
   51.062   Surface runoff or groundwater connections prohibited
   51.063   Excavations
   51.064   Licenses
Use of Public Services
   51.080   Discharges of unpolluted water
   51.081   Discharges of waters or wastes
   51.082   Limited discharges
   51.083   Discharges hazardous to life or constitute public nuisances
   51.084   Increasing use of process water
   51.085   Pretreatment or flow-equalizing facilities
   51.086   Grease, oil and sand interceptors
   51.087   Industrial wastes; installations
   51.088   Industrial wastes; requirements
   51.089   Measurements, tests and analyses of waters and wastes
   51.090   Protection from accidental discharge of prohibited materials
   51.091   Permitting substance or matter to flow or pass into public sewers
   51.092   Repairing service connection
   51.093   Catch basin or waste traps required for motor vehicle washing or servicing facilities
   51.094   Special agreement and arrangement
User Rate Schedule for Charges
   51.110   Charges generally
   51.111   Purpose
   51.112   Definitions
   51.113   Establishment of a sewer service charge system
   51.114   Determination of sewer service charges
   51.115   Sewer service fund
   51.116   Administration
Powers and Authority of Inspectors
   51.130   Authorized employees permitted to enter all properties
   51.131   Authorized employees obtaining information for industrial processes
   51.132   Authorized employees to observe safety rules
   51.133   Authorized employees permitted to enter all property with easements
   51.999   Penalty
   Health and Safety; Nuisances, see Chapter 92