General Provisions
   52.01   General operation
   52.02   Use of water service
   52.03   Use to circumvent chapter prohibited
   52.04   Damage to water system
   52.05   Connections beyond city boundaries
   52.06   Connection to system required; use of private wells
   52.07   Use of water for air conditioning; permits
   52.08   Use of water from fire hydrants; temporary connections
   52.09   Water deficiency, shut off and use restrictions
Water Regulations
   52.25   Supply from one service
   52.26   Tapping of mains restricted
   52.27   Repairs
   52.28   Abandoned or unused services
   52.29   Disconnection permit
   52.30   Service pipes
   52.31   Excavation and construction requirements
   52.32   Connection to other water supplies restricted
   52.33   Water connections; applications and charges
   52.34   Location of curb stop box
   52.35   Water meters
Rates and Charges
   52.50   Water unit
   52.51   Rates, fees and charges generally
   52.52   Water service billing; change of address
   52.53   Water rates
   52.54   Payment of charges; late payment; collection
Administration and Enforcement
   52.70   Supervision by Utilities Superintendent; licensing
   52.71   Powers and authority of inspectors
   52.72   Discontinuance of service
   52.73   Authorized employees to turn water on and off
   52.74   Liability for expense, loss or damage
   Assessable current services, see § 92.01